Staffing Options for your Business

Every business has unique talent needs and requirements. As a full-service staffing agency, Technical Staffing Solutions can provide employment and human resources options that align perfectly with your needs. We offer solutions that range from filling seasonal or cyclical temporary positions, to recruiting candidates for management and executive positions. We are proud of our ability to find great staffing solutions for our clients that also provide workforce flexibility and the economies in labor costs that are so important in today's business climate.

Our staffing solutions include:

Contingency Recruiting

This staffing model is designed to locate and identify a wide pool of candidates who have the skill sets and attributes your company has specified for the position or positions it wishes to fill. Contingency recruiting is usually a good solution for filling lower level or mid-level positions. We screen a large selection of candidates, obtained from our extensive resources, and identify those most qualified and suitable for the position. Qualified and screened candidates are then interviewed by the client company. In this recruiting model, fees are contingent on success. As the staffing agency, Technical Staffing Solutions would only be paid when a candidate for the position has been successfully hired.

Retained Recruiting

For companies seeking to fill high-level management or executive positions, retained recruiting is the model of choice. Technical Staffing Solutions is uniquely qualified to find and recruit the best of the best in your industry. Our highly experienced recruiters have years of business expertise, and a wide network of contacts. One of our recruiters will work exclusively with your company, learning the specific needs and culture into which a successful candidate should fit. We also explore with you all the relevant industries where a qualified candidate might be found. Our search for the perfect candidate with a proven track record includes individuals both actively and passively seeking new opportunities. Retained recruiting requires the client company to pay an up-front retainer for our services, with the balance of the fee due when a candidate is hired.

Temp or Temp to Permanent

Hiring temporary or contract workers is a great way to add needed workers during seasonal busy periods, or to obtain extra help for short-term projects. We offer a number of options that can help you quickly increase or decrease your workforce, while reducing employee related costs. Temporary workers usually work under contract for a specific period of time. If a temporary worker has demonstrated outstanding performance, options are available which allow workers to be hired on a permanent basis once the contract has expired. Using our database of over 25,000 technical and professional employees,Technical Staffing Solutions can quickly find and supply workers with the experience, attributes and skills you require.